Melissa Lefebvre

Melissa Lefebvre is an avid health and wellness enthusiast, Level 1 Precision Nutrition certified coach, published fitness model and a CBBF National Bikini Athlete. 

Melissa began competing in 2011 after falling in love with the process of progression through nutrition and training. Since then she has been in the relentless pursuit of becoming better, always growing and progressing towards her goals, both in and out of the gym. Since then, she has competed internationally, has consecutively maintained top 5 placing in Canada, and will continue on her quest to ultimately attain her pro card and make her way to the Olympia stage!

As Melissa continues towards her goals, she hopes that she can inspire, motivate and teach others to be the best possible version of themselves - That no goal is ever too big and you can have anything you're willing to work for!